Poster No. Author Other Authors Title Topic No.
Poster Session 1 (Topics 5, 6) Monday 27.07.2015, 15:30-17:00
P1.01 Gaia MICCA LONGO S. Longo, D. Giordano Diffusion Monte Carlo models of confined hydrogen species 5
P1.02 Savino LONGO A Damone, A Panarese, C M Coppola, J Jansky, C Coletti, L Chiodo, G Serianni, V Antoni Ab initio modeling of Cs-Mo interfaces in negative ion sources 5
P1.03 Miroslav HORKÝ W. J. Miloch Numerical instability in PIC simulations of weakly collisional magnetized plasmas 5
P1.04 Dimitar YORDANOV St. Lishev On the influence of a single probe on the spatial distribution of the plasma parameters in a small-radius inductively-driven discharge in hydrogen 5
P1.05 Antonio TEJERO-DEL-CAZ J.M. Díaz Cabrera, J.I. Fernández Palop, J. Ballesteros Simulation of plasma sheath with PIC codes parallelized with CUDA 5
P1.06 Chris MOORE M. M. Hopkins, S. G. Moore, J. J. Boerner, K. L. Cartwright Breakdown simulations from arc initiation to stable arcs: Challenges for accurate PIC-DSMC simulation 5
P1.07 Adriana ANNUSOVA C. Foissac, P. Veis and P. Supiot Kinetic modelling along with gas flow simulation of N2-O2 plasma afterglows in a plasma-chemical reactor 5
P1.08 Anna DUBINOVA D. Trienekens U. Ebert, S. Nijdam Affinity of pulsed positive discharges to dielectrics in N2:O2 mixtures 5
P1.09 Antonio PANARESE P. Tolias, S. Ratynskaia, D. Bruno, S. Longo, U. de Angelis Molecular dynamics calculations of the spectral density of electron density fluctuations 5
P1.10 Adam OBRUSNIK K. Arjunan, S. Ptasinska, L. Zají?ková A complementary numerical and experimental study of a helium plasma jet for E.coli inactivation 5
P1.11 Adam OBRUSNIK UP. Dvo?ák, M. Mrkvi?ková, V. Procházka, J. Vorá? Numerical simulations of a dielectric barrier discharge in a mixture of argon, hydrogen and oxygen 5
P1.12 Adriana ANNUSOVA P. Coche, P. Viegas, L. L. Alves and V. Guerra Discussion on using the approach of a Maxwellian electron energy distribution function from low to moderated pressures..... 5
P1.13 Natalia BABAEVA Dmitry V. Tereshonok and George V. Naidis Initiation of breakdown in bubbles immersed in liquids: pre-existed charges and proximity of bubbles 5
P1.14 Mokhtar LABIDOD IKHLEF Nabil and LEROY Olivier Microstrip Line Antenna of micro Plasma Application Modelling and Simulating 5
P1.15 Marija RADMILOVIC-RADJENOVIC Bojarov, Z. Lj. Petrovi? Ion energy of argon ions incident on the electrodes of an EAE CCRF discharge with energy dependent secondary electron emission model 5
P1.16 Marija RADMILOVIC-RADJENOVIC M. Savi? and Z. Lj. Petrovi? Monte Carlo simulation of radio-frequency breakdown in argon in electron dominated regime 5
P1.17 Jean BRETAGNE UC. Vitelaru, P. Fromy, T. Minea Collisional Radiative Model of a HIPIMS discharge and comparison with time dependent Optical Emission Spectroscopic diagnostic 5
P1.18 Krasimir IVANOV T. Bogdanov, E. Benova Theoretical study of plasma sustained around dielectric cylinder by travelling electromagnetic wave 5
P1.19 Leanne PITCHFORD Status report on the LXCat project: an open-access, community-wide project on data needed for modeling low-temperature plasmas 5
P1.20 Djamila BENNACEUR-DOUMAZ Djemai Bara Modeling of laser produced plasma expansion into vacuum with kappa distributed electrons 5
P1.21 Plamena MARINOVA M. Atanasova, E. Benova Heavy particles and rate coefficients in HF and MW discharges in Argon at atmospheric pressure 5
P1.22 Masheyeva RANNA K.N. Dzhumagulova, Z. Donkó, T.S. Ramazanov, M. Bonitz, T. Ott Cage correlation functions of three-dimensional Yukawa systems in external magnetic field 5
P1.23 P. G. C. Almeida Computing DC discharges in a wide range of currents with COMSOL MultiPhysics: time-dependent solvers vs. stationary solvers 5
P1.24 Kavita RATHORE Dudh Nath Patel, Sudeep Bhattacharjee and Prabhat Munshi Comparative Study of Optical Emission Spectroscopy and Electric Probe Measurements for Visible Light Tomography in Low Pressure Microwave Plasma 6
P1.25 Marek TALABA P.Dvorak Detection of hydrogen radicals in a dielectric barrier discharge by laser-induced fluorescence 6
P1.26 Hossein NASSAR O. AOUDE Simulation of the OH emission molecular spectrum to determine the plasma temperature and the influence noise to signal ratio on the temperature values 6
P1.27 Juan Manuel DÍAZ CABRERA A. Tejero-del-Caz, J. I. Fernández Palop, and J. Ballesteros Influence of the positive ion thermal motion in the radial motion to orbital motion to cylindrical Langmuir probes in low pressure plasmas PartII: He+ 6
P1.28 Martin RUDOLPH T. Degousée, T. Minea, V. Tiron, C. Costin, L. Sirghi, M.-C. Hugon, B. Bouchet-Fabre Measuring the ionized flux fraction from high-power impulse magnetron discharges using a miniaturized passive ion energy spectrometer 6
P1.29 Merlan DOSBOLAYEV Y.A Ussenov, T.S. Ramazanov and A.U. Utegenov Electric probe measurements of temperature of electrons of dusty plasma in mixture of noble gases in RF discharge 6
P1.30 Akira TONEGAWA T. Iijima VUV spectroscopic diagnostics of the vibrational temperature to the ground state of hydrogen/deuterium molecules 6
P1.31 Dirk WUNDERLICH U. Fantz and the NNBI team Emission of photoelectrons and their impact on the plasma sheath in hydrogen plasmas 6
P1.32 Ursel FANTZ S. Briefi, D. Rauner, D. Wünderlich Quantification of the VUV radiation from RF discharges in hydrogen 6
P1.33 Xin YANG D. KogutUPP, L.Couedel, G. Cartry Atomic surface loss coefficient studied by a pulsed fluorescence technique 6
P1.34 Mohammad Lutful KARIM K.R. Stalder and W.G. Graham Optical and Electrical Characterisation of Plasmas in Water Vapour Layers 6
P1.35 Gurusharan Singh GOGNA S. Kelly, R. Monaghan and S. Daniels Ozone mapping the kINPen-MED plasma jet 6
P1.36 Bernd Sebastian SCHNEIDER S. Costea, C. Ionita, R. Schrittwieser, V. Naulin, J.J. Rasmussen, R. Stärz, N. Vianello, J. Kovacic, T. Gyergyek Indirectly heated strong and robust emissive probe for dense and hot plasmas 6
P1.37 Andrei Vasile NASTUTA I. Topala, V. Pohoata, I. Mihaila, C. Agheorghiesei, N. Dumitrascu Characterization of different atmospheric pressure plasma jets in He / Ar: electrical, optical and mass spectrometry diagnosis. 6
P1.38 Yuki INADA T. Kamiya, S. Matsuoka, A. Kumada, H. Ikeda, K. Hidaka Talbot Interferometory for Imaging Two-Dimensional Electron Density Distribution over Vacuum Arc Discharge 6
P1.39 Nishant SIRSE A. Mishra, G. Y. Yeom and A. R. Ellingboe Electron density modulation in a pulsed two-frequency two-antenna inductively coupled plasma discharge 6
P1.40 Gheorghe POPA C. Costin, V. Anita Consistent method for registration of the electrical probe characteristic 6
P1.41 Dmitry KAVYRSHIN Ageev A.G., Goryachev S.V., Sargsyan M.A., Chinnov V.F. Spectral investigation of atmospheric pressure helium arc plasma parameters 6
P1.42 Paolo AMBRICO M. Šimek, M. Ambrico, G. Dilecce Ultrafast imaging and spectroscopy of low pressure N2 streamer discharge. 6
P1.43 Nikolay BOGATOV A. Kostinskiy, V. Syssoev The Method of Determining of Streamer Density in the Streamer Zone of Spark Discharge 6
P1.44 Zdenek BONAVENTURA M. Simek Exitation of N2(C3PIu,v=0-4) levels by streamer discharge in atmospheric pressure air: numerical study 6
P1.45 Stéphane PELLERIN A.Farah-Sougueh, A.Mendys, T.Pi?ta, K.Dzierz?ga,B.Pokrzywka, J.Hermann Investigation of local thermodynamic equilibrium in laser-induced argon plasma using optical emission spectroscopy and Thomson scattering 6
P1.46 Dragos ASTANEI S. Pellerin, B. Hnatiuc, F. Faubert, E. Hnatiuc Optical emission spectroscopy diagnostic of air-plasma produced by a double spark-plug 6
P1.47 Andre RICARD H. Zerrouki and J.P. Sarrette Determination of N_2 (X,v) densities in the plasmas and afterglows of Ar-N_2 microwave discharges 6
P1.48 Robert TSCHIERSCH S. Nemschokmichal and J. Meichsner Laser-photodetachment of negative ions in He/O2 barrier discharges 6
P1.49 Agavni SURMEIAN C. Diplasu, A. Groza, B. Mihalcea, M. Ganciu A New Mass Spectrometry Analytical Method Assisted by Laser Desorption 6
P1.50 Mikhail LOMAEV D. Sorokin, V. Tarasenko The optical diagnostic of high-voltage nanosecond discharge initiated with runaway electrons 6
P1.51 Sebastian NEMSCHOKMICHAL R. Tschiersch, and J. Meichsner Manipulation of helium barrier discharges by laser surface interaction 6
P1.52 Torsten GERLING R. Wild, A. V. Nastuta, C. Wilke, K.-D. Weltmann, L. Stollenwerk Investigation of a helium jet in front of a dielectric or grounded surface with current, emission and surface charge measurements 6
P1.53 Štefan MATEJ?IK Martin Sabo Corona discharge modification of liquid stream, study by ion mobility spectrometry 6
P1.54 Qiang CHEN Chao Ma, Gao Zhao, Yu Wang, Lizhen Yang, Zhongwei Liu, Lijun Sang The Evolution of Discharge Mode Transition in Helicon Plasma through ICCD Images 6
P1.55 Nikolay DYATKO G. Grigorian, I. Kochetov Study of radial profiles of the Ar metastable atom population in a dc glow discharge by means of spectrometric measurements and 1D kinetic model 6
P1.56 Marina KÜHN-KAUFFELDT UJ.-L. Marqués, J. Schein Temporally and spatially resolved electron density measurements in a pulsed GMAW process by means of Stark broadening of H line 6
P1.57 Maximilian-Vlad TEODORESCU M. Bazavan, E. R. Ionita, G. Dinescu A spectral study of a single-electrode filamentary plasma jet in Argon and Argon-Nitrogen 6
P1.58 Juan Manuel DÍAZ CABRERA A. Tejero-del-Caz, J. I. Fernández Palop, and J. Ballesteros Influence of the positive ion thermal motion in the radial motion to orbital motion to cylindrical Langmuir probes in low pressure plasmas Part I: Ar+ 6
P1.59 P. G. C. Almeida M. S. Benilov and D. F. N. Santos “Self-organization in DC glow microdischarges: bringing the modelling closer to the experiment” 5
Poster Session 2 (Topics 1-4, 7, 8) Monday 27.07.2015, 17:15-18:45
P2.01 Luís ALVES M. A. Ridenti, V. Guerra, J. Amorim An Investigation on the Role of Rotational Mechanisms in Electron Swarms at Low Reduced Electric Field in N2, O2 and H2 1
P2.02 Matej FEKETE J. Hnilica, P. Vašina Influence of pulse off time on temporal evolution of sputtered species densities in HiPIMS discharge 1
P2.03 Alise CHACHEREAU C. M. Franck Electron swarm parameter measurements of perfluorobut-2-ene (2-C4F8) 1
P2.04 Svetlana KINDYSHEVA E.M. Anokhin, M.A. Popov, I.V. Kochetov, A.Yu. Starikovskiy, N.L. Aleksandrov Plasma decay in O2:CO2 mixtures after high-voltage nanosecond discharge 1
P2.05 Jernej KOVACIC T. Gyergyek Oscillating solutions of the magnetized plasma-wall transition problem 1
P2.06 Štefan MATEJ?IK A. Ribar, M. Danko, J. Országh, I. ?ernušák Electron Induced Excitation of H2 and D2 Leading to Continuum Radiation 1
P2.07 Ladislav MORAVSKÝ M. Lacko, Š. Matej?ík Electron ionization and dissociative electron attachment to dicyclohexyl phthalate molecule 1
P2.08 Yui OKUYAMA K. Arai, S. Suzuki, H. Itoh Decrease in negative ion mobility with increasing H2O concentration in O2 1
P2.09 Susumu SUZUKI H. Itoh Measurement of effective lifetime of metastable excited atom Ne(3P2) 1
P2.10 Haruo ITOH I. M. Rusinov, S. Suzuki, K. Teranishi and N. Shimomura Loss rate of ozone at inner surface of photoabsorption cells 1
P2.11 Abel KALOSI P. Dohnal, R. Plašil, J. Glosík Time resolved absorption spectroscopy of helium dimers 1
P2.12 Dmitry ZHILYAEV B.M.Smirnov, V.P.Afanas'ev Stepwise ionization of gas discharge plasma of inert gases 1
P2.13 Hiroyuki IWABUCHI S. Matsuoka A. Kumada, K. Hidaka Influence of pressure on V-t characteristics across micrometer-scale surface gap 1
P2.14 Petr KULHANEK Runaway electrons behaviour 1
P2.15 Thuy Dung TRAN R. Plasil, S. Rouck, D. Mulin, S. Rednyk and J. Glosik Reactions of NH+ with H at low temperatures 1
P2.16 Nevena PUAC V. Stojanovi?, Z. Raspopovi?, Ž. Nikitovi?, UZ. Petrovi? Cross section set and transport properties for Ar+ in CF4 1
P2.17 Haruaki AKASHI T. Yoshinaga, K. Sasaki Ignition time improvement in pre-mixture gas of methane, oxygen and argon using plasma 1
P2.18 Ilarion MIHAILA V. Pohoata, R. Jijie, A.V. Nastuta, I.A. Rusu, I. Topala Influence of discharge geometry on extraction of positive ion populations from atmospheric pressure plasmas 1
P2.19 M.A. MAHMOUD Y.E.E.Gamal Kinetics of Ion Formation in Rubidium Vapour Excited by Nanosecond Resonant Laser Pulses 1
P2.20 Nicolina POP N. Pop, J. Zs Mezei, S.Niyonzima, F. Colboc, S. Ilie, M. D. Epée Epée, D. A. Little, B. Peres, V. Morel, O. Motapon, K. Chakrabarti, A. Bultel, K. Hassouni, J. Tennyson, I. F. Schneider Electron-impact excitation and recombination of molecular cations in cold ionized gases: application to H2+, BeH+, CH+, CO+, N2+, BF+ and AlO+ 1
P2.21 Karlygash DZHUMAGULOVA E.O. Shalenov, T.S. Ramazanov Phase shifts and cross sections of electron-atom scattering in the dense semiclassical plasma 1
P2.22 Lizhen YANG Qiang Zhu , Sen Li, Zhiguo Mao, Zhongwei Liu, and Qiang Chen The Uniformity of Radio Frequency Dielectric Barrier Glow Discharge in Atmospheric Helium Plasma 1
P2.23 Vlad GHIZDOV?? I. Ga?u, D. D. Iacob, and I. Butuc Non-linear Behaviours in Ablation Plasma via Fractality 1
P2.24 Wang YU G. Zhao, Z.W. Liu, J.T. Ouyang, Q. Chen The two density peaks in low uniform axial magnetic field helicon plasma 1
P2.25 Maratbek GABDULLIN S.K. Kodanova, ?.S. Ramazanov, Zh.A. Moldabekov, M.K. Issanova,T.N. Ismagambetova Equation of state and relaxation processes in dense plasma on the basis of effective potentials 2
P2.26 Claudiu COSTIN V. Anita G. Popa, G. De Temmerman Current distribution at the target of Magnum-PSI 3
P2.27 Dmitry TERESHONOK Gadzhiev M. Kh., Sargsyan M.A., Tyuftyaev A.S. Argon plasma cathode binding in arc discharge 3
P2.28 Leanid SIMONCHIK V.I. Arkhipenko, Th. Callegari, N.A. Dzenischyk The parameters of anode spots in wide DC current range in the atmospheric pressure helium discharges 3
P2.29 Leanid SIMONCHIK V.I. Arkhipenko Effect of cathode heating and positive column contraction on the spatial distributions of parameters in a cathode region 3
P2.30 Jaime DE URQUIJO E. Basurto, L.N. Serkovic Observation of secondary ionization by photon feedback in a Townsend discharge 3
P2.31 Akbi MOHAMED An Experimental Study of The Photoelectron Work Function Change of Silver-Based Contacts Induced by Arcing in Air 3
P2.32 Rahul KUMAR Ramesh Narayanan, R. D. Tarey and Awadhesh Prasad Characterization of order-to-chaos-to-order transition in co-axial DC discharge plasma of different inter-electrode distances 4
P2.33 Yuri GOLUBOVSKII E. Pelyukhova, D. Kalanov, F. Sigeneger, V. Nekuchaev Striations in noble gas discharges as spatial resonator modes 4
P2.34 Adrien REVEL Sedina Tsikata, Claudiu Costin, and Tiberiu M. Minea Links between magnetron plasma spokes and short-scale electron density fluctuations: insights from pseudo 3D particle modelling and coherent Thompson 4
P2.35 Mihai CIOLAN Cristina Stan, Iuliana Motrescu, D. Alexandroaei, C. P. Cristescu Ghost-vibrational type resonance in double discharge plasma configuration 4
P2.36 Vsevolod MAIOROV Yu. B. Golubovskii Resonance radiation transport in the contracted discharge in argon 4
P2.37 Artem GOLOLOBOV I.Golikov, V.Popov1and T.Solovyev The modelling of the plasma transport processes influence on the high latitude ionospheric parameters 7
P2.38 Francisco J. GORDILLO-VÁZQUEZ F. C. Parra-Rojas, UA. Luque Chemical and thermal influence of sprite streamers in the upper atmosphere of the Earth 7
P2.39 Anna DUBINOVA C. Rutjes, U. Ebert, S. Buitink O. Scholten, G. T. N. Trinh Lightning inception from ice particles and extensive air showers 7
P2.40 Adrian CROSS D.C. Speirs, K.M. Gillespie, M. King, K. Matheson, S.L. McConville, A.D.R Phelps, C.G. Whyte, C.W. Robertson, R. Bingham, M.E. Koepke, R.A. Cairns I. Vorgul and K. Ronald Numerical and experimental simulation of cyclotron instabilities relevant to the magnetosphere 7
P2.41 Arturo ROBLEDO-MARTINEZ L. A. GarcíaP-Villarreal Virtual anode effect in the propagation of streamers 8
P2.42 Magdalena NISTOR F. Gherendi, N. B. Mandache Langmuir probe characterization of electron beam ablation plasmas 8
P2.43 Corneliu POROSNICU V. Tiron, I-L. Velicu, O. Vasilovici, M. Dobromir, C. Costin, G. Popa C. Porosnicu, I. Jepu, P. Dinca, C. P. Lungu, M. Straticiuc, I. Burducea HiPIMS technique used for fusion related mixed materials 8
P2.44 Victor H. GRANADOS Mario J. Pinheiro, Paulo A. Sá Simulation of an EHD thruster in pure argon at low pressure 8
P2.45 Stefan-Andrei IRIMICIUC S. Gurlui, P. Nica, M. Agop, M. Osiac, C. Focsa Optical and electrical investigations of transient plasmas generated by femtosecond laser ablation 8
P2.46 Carlos PINTASSILGO V. Guerra Modelling gas heating in air plasmas 8
P2.47 Iulian PANA C. Vitelaru, M. Braic Optical emission spectroscopy study on He addition in an Ar/CH4 reactive DC magnetron discharge aiming for ZrC films deposition 8
P2.48 Ihor KOROLOV Z. Donkó Radiofrequency breakdown in hydrogen and deuterium: experiment and kinetic simulations 8
P2.49 Ignacio Gabriel VICENTE GABAS G. Mattausch, S. Schmidt, F-H. Rögner A novel approach for high voltage glow discharge enhanced by a wire anode array 8
P2.50 Ruud VAN DER HORST J. Beckers, E.A. Osorio, V.Y. Banine The temporal evolution of electrons in EUV-induced plasmas 8
P2.51 Nevena PUAC K. Spasi?, UN. Pua?, N Škoro, G. Malovi? and Z.Lj. Petrovi? Characterization of a large-volume Oxygen RF discharge suitable for low-pressure treatment of sensitive samples 8
P2.52 Philippe GUILLOT J. Lo, UL. Latrasse, Ch. Laurent, L. Thérèse, B. Caillier 2.45 GHz ECR coaxial plasma source: characterization in single and multi-sources configuration 8
P2.53 Nikola SKORO J. Sivoš, D. Mari?, G. Malovi? and Z. Lj. Petrovi? Low-pressure DC discharge in vapour of Methanol and Ethanol 8
P2.54 Adrian CROSS W. He, H. Yin, D. Bowes, L. Zhang, C. R. Donaldson, K. Ronald, A. D. R. Phelps Experimental results from backward wave oscillators driven by a pseudospark-generated electron beam 8
P2.55 Vasile TIRON I-L. Velicu, O. Vasilovici, G. Popa Optimization of deposition rate in High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering 8
P2.56 Ramesh NARAYANAN Rahul Kumar, R. D. Tarey and A Ganguli Hysteresis Flip Effects On the DC Plasma Discharge Characteristics Of A Co-Axial Electrode Geometry 8
P2.57 Marian GRIGORAS H. Chiriac, N. Lupu Microwires-based Metal-Insulator-Metal (MIM) structures produced by hollow cathode magnetron sputtering 8
P2.58 Hiroshi AKATSUKA Y. Honda, A. Nezu, H. Matsuura Spectroscopic measurement of Fulcher- band of microwave discharge H2/D2 plasmas 8
P2.59 Kunakov SANDYBECK Son Edward, Son Konstantin Electrons energy distribution in helium plasma, generated by fission fragments 8
Poster Session 3 (Topics 11-14, 17) Tuesday 28.07.2015, 16:30-18:00
P3.01 Alan MASLANI V. Sember Interpretation of temperatures from emission spectra in thermal arc plasmas 11
P3.02 Anton LEBID A. Veklich, V. Boretskij, S. Savenok, O. Andreev Electric arc plasma source: spectroscopy and MoO3 crystal formation 11
P3.03 Catalin VITELARU A. Radulian, N. Mocioi, V. Braic Evaluation of vacuum contactor testing facility by optical and spectroscopic investigations 11
P3.04 Eduard SON M.Kh. Gadzhiev, Y.M. Kulikov, V.A. Panov, A.S. Tyuftyaev Supersonic nozzle profiling for low-temperature plasma generators: theoretical predictions and experimental evidence 11
P3.05 Mikhail BENILOV L. G. Benilova Physics of spotless mode of current transfer to cathodes of metal vapor arcs 11
P3.06 Stéphane PELLERIN Q. Castillon1, N. Pellerin, J.-P. Planckaert, F. Briand, F. Faubert and F. Valensi Study of modifications of metal transfer mode in GMAW with different shielding gas mixtures: cases of Ar-CO2 and Ar-O2. 11
P3.07 Sargis TER-AVETISYAN M. Borghesi, M. Schnürer, J. Bränzel, S. Jequier, and V. Tikhonchuk Charge changing processes of MeV ions penetrating through liquid spray: formation of negative ion and neutral atom beams 17
P3.08 Yann CRESSAULT T. Billoux Influence of the molecular lines on the radiative transfer: application to atmospheric air thermal plasmas and coplanar geometries 11
P3.09 Lenaic COUEDEL S. Barbosa, C. Arnas, F. Onofri, C. Pardanaud Dynamics of a growing dust particle cloud in a direct-current argon sputtering glow dischparticle cloud in a direct-current argon sputtering glow discharge (L. Couedel) 12
P3.10 Mathias ROJO S. DapUP, X. Glad, J. Margot, J-L. Briançon, R. Clergereaux Formation and transport of dust particles in ECR acetylene plasmas 12
P3.11 Dmitry LAPITSKY L. V. Deputatova, V. S. Filinov, V. Ya. Pecherkin, R. A. Syrovatka, L. M. Vasilyak, V. I. Vladimirov Capturing of a structure of charged micron-sized particles in the gas flow by the linear Paul trap 12
P3.12 Masaharu SHIRATANI Masahiro Soejima, Teppei Ito, Daisuke Yamashita, Naho Itagaki, Hyunwoong Seo, and Kazunori Koga Position fluctuation of a fine particle optically trapped in Ar plasma 12
P3.13 Luc STAFFORD R.K. Gangwar, A. Hamdan Fast production of organosilicon nanoparticles by plasma-induced decomposition of hexamethyldisiloxane liquid 12
P3.14 Merlan DOSBOLAYEV A.U. Utegenov, T.S. Ramazanov The structural and transport properties of dust formation in plasma of combined RF and DC discharge of gas mixture 12
P3.15 Nuriya BASTYKOVA S.K. Kodanova, M.K. Dosbolayev, T.S. Ramazanov, N.Kh. Bastykova, A.U. Utegenov and S.A. Maiorov The Influence of Gas Mixture on Plasma-Dust Structures in RF Discharge 12
P3.16 Nikolai TARASENKO V. Burakov, M. Chuchman, V.Kiris, M. Nedelko, A. Shuaibov Characterization of gas-liquid interfacial microplasma used for metallic nanoparticles fabrication 12
P3.17 Merlan DOSBOLAYEV S.A. Orazbayev, T.S. Ramazanov, M.T. Gabdullin Obtaining of nano- and microparticles in plasma by CVD method 12
P3.18 Masaharu SHIRATANI Teppei Ito, Kazunori Koga, Masahiro Soejima, Daisuke Yamashita, Hyunwoong Seo, Naho Itagaki, Tatsuya Kobayashi and Shigeru Inagaki Bispectrum analysis of fluctuation of nanoparticle amount in amplitude modulated capacitively-coupled discharge plasmas 12
P3.19 Marie HENAULT G. Wattieaux, T. Lecas, J-P. Renouard, and L. Boufendi Low pressure cold plasma assisted dust nanoparticles metrology. 12
P3.20 Eduard SON L. M. Vasilyak, V. Y. Pecherkin, S. P. Vetchinin, V. A. Panov, Y. M. Kulikov, K. E. Son Experimental investigation of discharge channel in IPA solution 12
P3.21 Bogdan MIHALCEA O. Stoican, V. S. Filinov, D. S. Lapitsky, A. Groza, A.Surmeian, C. Dipla?u, V. E. Fortov, L.V. Deputatova, L. M. Vasilyak, V. I. Vladimirov, V.Ya. Pecherkin, R. A. Syrovatka, and M. Ganciu Plasma Crystals of Charged Microparticles confined under Standard temperature and Pressure (STP) conditions 12
P3.22 Myoung-Jae LEE Kyu-Sun Chung, Young-Dae Jung Dust grain rotation effects on the dust-acoustic surface wave damping 12
P3.23 ADRIAN IONUT BERCEA N. L. Dumitrescu, S. Brajnicov; M. Filipescu; V. Ion; D. Colceag and M. Dinescu Antireflective coatings obtained by laser-plasma methods for high power laser optical compounds 13
P3.24 Alina Silvia CHIPER M. E. Dorneanu, M. Dobromir, D. Buteic?, C. M. Tala?man, G. Borcia Surface modification of natural and synthetic polymers induced by pulsed atmospheric pressure plasma 13
P3.25 Bogdan BUTOI P. Dinca, R. Berezovski, C. Porosnicu, O. G. Pompilian, I. Jepu, E. Barna Electro-optical response in liquid crystal cells obtained in DC polymerization reactor 13
P3.26 Cezar GAMAN Bernard Keville,, Yang Zhang, Anthony M. Holohan, Stephen Daniels, and Miles M.Turner Real-time multivariable control of SF6/O2/Ar plasmas 13
P3.27 Cristian LUNGU C. M. Ticos, C. Porosnicu, I. Jepu, M. Lungu, P. Dinca, O. Pompilian, B. Butoi, D. Ursescu, R. Banici, G. Cojocaru, R. Ungureanu, C. Luculescu, A. Marcu, A. Marin, P. Osiceanu, I. Feraru, C. Grigorescu Plasma plume analysis and the effect of terawatt laser system irradiation on C, W layers 13
P3.28 Dudh Nath PATEL Shail Pandey, Anuj Ram Baitha and Sudeep Bhattacharjee Interaction of laser ablated plasma plume with a downstream microwave plasma in a multicusp for synthesis of nanoparticles 13
P3.29 Florentina SAMOILA V. Anita, L. Sirghi Cleaning of silicon surface by surface dielectric barrier discharge 13
P3.30 George Bogdan RUSU I. Topala, C. Borcia, N. Dumitrascu, G. Borcia Plasma treatment effects on the processes involved in fabrics dyeing 13
P3.31 George Bogdan RUSU V. Pohoata, A. Saxer, S. Penner, R. Schrittwieser, C. Ionita, N. Dumitrascu Study of protein adsorption onto porous polymer synthesised in DBD plasma at atmospheric pressure 13
P3.32 Julio HENRIQUES E. Tatarova, F. M. Dias, A. Dias, N. Todorov, N. Bundaleski, O. Teodoro Nitrogen Doped Graphene Sheets Synthesized by Surface Wave Plasmas 13
P3.33 Mariana OSIAC V. Tiron, G.E. Iacobescu Phase change behaviour in nitrogen-doped Ge1Sb2Te4 13
P3.34 Mariana OSIAC M. Jigau, G.E. Iacobescu, N. Cioatera The Ge1Sb2Te4 thin film prepared by pulsed laser deposition 13
P3.35 Masaru HORI Yusuke Kondo, Keigo Takeda, Kenji Ishikawa, Toshio Hayashi, Yudai Miyawaki, Hiroki Kondo, Makoto Sekine Collision-induced dissociative ionization of Ar diluted CH2F2 plasma 13
P3.36 Mohamed Atta KHEDR A. Abou El Magd , Y. Badr Performance of plasma produced by pulsed laser deposition (PLD) system for thin film nanoparticles and GeS quantum dot 13
P3.37 PETRUTA-ALEXANDRA DEMETER C. Costin, L. Sirghi Monte Carlo simulation of surface etching with colloidal mask 13
P3.38 Susumu TOKO Yoshihiro Torigoe, Kimitaka Keya, Hyunwoong Seo, Naho Itagaki, Kazunori Koga, Masaharu Shiratani Linear and Nonlinear Correlation between Deposition Rate and SiH Emission Intensity in SiH4 Multi-hollow Discharge Plasmas 13
P3.39 Teodora TESLARU R. Jijie, M. Dobromir, V. Pohoata, I. Topala, V. Antoci, C.-I. Ciobanu, N. Dumitrascu On the polymerization reactions of thiophene monomers under atmospheric plasma conditions 13
P3.40 Vasile TIRON T. B. Coman, M. Asandulesa, C. Ursu Low temperature sequential PLD of Al-doped ZnO thin films 13
P3.41 Rabah TADJINE M. Kechouane, M. M Alim The Effects of Erosion Groove on Radiofrequency Magnetron Sputtering 13
P3.42 ALIM MOHAMED MOUNES N. SAOULA, R. TADJINE, A. KEFFOUS and M. KECHOUANE XC48 nitriding by Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation 13
P3.43 Hidestugu YAGI Preparation of diamond-like carbon films by plasma-assisted chemical vapour deposition in the open atmospheric system 13
P3.44 Andreea GROZA A.Surmeian, C. Diplasu, C.Luculescu, B.Mihalcea, M.Ganciu Anodization process analysis of the aluminum surfaces in corona discharges 13
P3.45 Silviu-Daniel STOICA S. Vizireanu, C.R. Luculescu, M. Bazavan, B. Mitu, G. Dinescu Influence of substrate temperature on the plasma and carbon material properties in a low pressure RF plasma jet deposition system 13
P3.46 Cristian STANCU A. Galatanu, E. Matei, A.M. Vlaicu, C. Grisolia, G. Dinescu Modification of W-C mixtures sintered at various temperatures by radiofrequency plasma jet operated in nitrogen 13
P3.47 Vera MAZANKOVA L. Radkova, F. Krcma, A. Brablec Study of hydrogen/argon RF plasma used for brass corrosion removal 13
P3.48 Marius DOBROMIR R.P. Apetrei, C.T. Teodorescu-Soare, V. Tiron, and D. Luca Structural, morphological and optical properties of sputtered TiO2/WO3 bilayers 13
P3.49 Eugen STAMATE A. Christiansen, K. Thydén, R. Younesi, and P. Holtappels Magnetron sputtering of lithium phosphorous oxynitride thin films 13
P3.50 Ivan MISIRUK O.I. Timoshenko, V.S. Taran, I.E. Garkusha Non-self-maintained discharge with a hollow anode: characteristics and application 13
P3.51 Tomas MORAVEK J. Ráhe? Investigation of plasma treated alumina powders by chemiluminescence 13
P3.52 Burkhard ZIMMERMANN G. Mattausch, F. Fietzke, B. Scheffel, F.-H. Rögner,Chr. Metzner1 Discharge-Based Electron Beam Sources for Plasma-Activated EB-PVD 13
P3.53 Susumu TOKO Yoshihiro Torigoe, Kimitaka Keya, Hyunwoong Seo, Naho Itagaki, Kazunori Koga, Masaharu Shiratani Contribution of Clusters to SiH2 Bonds in a-Si:H Films 13
P3.54 Jens HARHAUSEN R. Foest, D. Loffhagen Novel Control Schemes for PIAD Processes 13
P3.55 Paul MOROZ D. J. Moroz Feature-Scale Simulations for Multi-Step Plasma Processing 13
P3.56 Mihai Alexandru CIOLAN I. Motrescu, D. Luca, M. Nagatsu Investigation on the structural and optical properties of zinc oxide thins films modified by surface wave plasma 13
P3.57 Gheorghe Dinescu M. D. Ionita, D. Kontziampasis, B. Mitu, A. Smyrnakis, E. Gogolides Management of polymeric spheres diameter in colloidal lithography by low and atmospheric pressure plasma treatments 13
P3.58 Roman Perekrestov P. Kudrna, M. Tichy, I. Khalakhan "TiO2 Nanoparticles Detection by Means of Laser Beam Scattering in Hollow Cathode Plasma Jet" 12
P3.59 Manfred KETTLITZ P. Böhm, D. Luggenhölscher, R. Brandenburg, U. Czarnetzki Determination of the electric field in filamentary DBDs by laser electric field measurements 14
P3.60 Yann CRESSAULT Song Xiao, Xiaoxing Zhang Study of the Feasibility of CF3I/CO2 Substituting SF6 in GIS by Partial Discharge Experiment. 17
P3.61 Svetlana KINDYSHEVA I. Kosarev, E. Plastinin, N. Aleksandrov and A. Starikovskiy Comparative Shock-Tube Study of Autoignition and Plasma-Assisted Ignition of C2-Hydrocarbons 14
P3.62 Nuno PINHAO Dry reforming in He/CH4 /CO2 mixtures: the role of the rare gas 14
P3.63 Sergey SOKOVNIN M.E. Balezin, S.V. Shcherbinin Accelerator URT-1M-300 17
P3.64 Jaroslav HNILICA P. Klein, Z. Hubi?ka, M. ?ada, P. Vašina Spokes and cathode voltage and discharge current oscillations in HiPIMS 17
P3.65 Patrick STOLLER J. Carstensen, L. Theodoulou, E. Panousis Speckle imaging of circuit breaker arcstoward tomographic imaging 17
Poster Session 4 (Topics 9, 10, 15, 16) Thursday 30.07.2015, 16:30-18:00
P4.01 Louis LATRASSE J. Lo, M. Radoiu, Ph. Guillot 2.45 GHz plasma sources using solid state generator: design and comparative performance of ECR- and Collisional-type sources in matrix configuration 9
P4.02 Kinga KUTASI Cédric Nöel, Thierry Belmonte, Vasco Guerra Evolution of active species downstream of a low pressure 90%Ar-10%(N2-O2) flowing microwave discharge 9
P4.03 Olivier ANTONIN L. Latrasse, A.A. Taylor, J. Michler, P. Raynaud, D. Rats, Th. Nelis A novel microwave source for collisional plasma for nano-crystalline diamond deposition 9
P4.04 Viktor ZHELTUKHIN Al. F. Gaisin, I. Sh. Abdullin, V.Yu. Chebackova Mathematical model of an initial stage of capacitive coupled RF discharge between solid and liquid electrodes 9
P4.05 Ildar GAFAROV I. Abdullin,V. Zheltukhin Electron Density Measurement in RF Plasma Discharges by Microwave Method 9
P4.06 Todor BOGDANOV E. Benova Effect of geometry parameters on wave and plasma characteristics of coaxial microwave discharge 9
P4.07 Jürgen MEICHSNER Th. Wegner, C. Kullig Investigation of the E-H transition of an inductively coupled radio frequency oxygen discharge 9
P4.08 Yakov KRASIK L. Beilin, A. Shlapakovski, M. Donskoy, T. Queller Plasma density evolution in a microwave pulse compressor switch 9
P4.09 Mariana ATANASOVA P. Marinova, J. J. A. M. van der Mullen, E. Benova The reaction kinetics of atmospheric pressure MW plasmas 9
P4.10 Luminita Nicoleta DUMITRESCU V.Ion, M.Filipescu, M.Dinescu The influence of radio-frequency plasma on the optical properties of Nickel oxide thin films obtained by laser ablation 9
P4.11 Antoine DUROCHER-JEAN L. Stafford Optical emission spectroscopy of a recently-developed atmospheric pressure microwave argon plasma jet 9
P4.12 Yukihiko YAMAGATA R. Takakura, K. Nakagawa, K. Uchino, Y. Kawai Spatial control of very high frequency plasma generation for large scale plasma applications 9
P4.13 David RAUNER S. Briefi, P. Gutmann, S. Kurt, U. Fantz Influence of a weak external B-field on the plasma parameters and spatial emission profiles of inductively and Helicon-coupled hydrogen discharges 9
P4.14 Kristaq GAZELI A. Spiliopoulou, P. Svarnas, P. G. Koutsoukos, K. Gazeli, E. D. Anastassiou Acinetobacter baumannii deactivation by atmospheric-pressure cold plasma in the form of “guided streamers” 16
P4.15 Ziane KECHIDI A. H. Belbachir, M. Announ Simulation of Low and Atmospheric-Pressure Water-Vapour Plasma 10
P4.16 Radu BURLICA R. Wendell and B. R. Locke Effect of non-thermal plasma electrical parameters on hydrogen peroxide generation in pulse gliding arc mini-reactors 10
P4.17 Florian SIGENEGER M. M. Becker, J. Philipp, C.-P. Klages, D. Lo hagen Influence of HMDSO admixtures on the discharge characteristics of a barrier discharge in argon for thin film deposition 10
P4.18 Philippe GUILLOT L. Chauvet, A. Kone, B. Caillier, L. Thérèse Spatiotemporal distribution of noble gas and air species within a DBD plasma jet working at atmospheric pressure 10
P4.19 Sander NIJDAM E. Takahashi Guiding of positive streamers in nitrogen, argon and N2-O2 mixtures by very low ne laser-induced pre-ionization trails 10
P4.20 Ruslan KOZAKOV M. Bogaczyk S. Gorchakov, S. Arumugam Influence of gas composition on the pulse form of partial discharge current 10
P4.21 Luc STAFFORD R. K. Gangwar, T. Verreycken, N. Sadeghi, P.J. Bruggeman Time-resolved analysis of the electron temperature in He nanosecond pulsed discharges at atmospheric pressure 10
P4.22 Sandugash KODANOVA S.V. Avtaeva, A.I. Kenzhebekova, T.S. Ramazanov 2D fluid model of the one dielectric barrier discharge in the needle-plane configuration 10
P4.23 Keigo TAKEDA S. Liang, H. Tanaka, H. Kondo, K. Ishikawa, M. Sekine, M. Hori Measurement of vacuum ultraviolet light emitted from AC excited atmospheric pressure Ar plasma jet in ambient air 10
P4.24 Gurusharan Singh GOGNA S. Kelly, S. Daniels Reactive species and thermal characteristics of a constricted arc plasma air jet 10
P4.25 Sander NIJDAM D.J.M. Trienekens, G. Akkermans, I. Plompen, T. Christen, U. Ebert Experimental investigation of streamer affinity for dielectric surfaces 10
P4.26 Nicolas NAUDE A. Belinger, S. Dap, N. Gherardi Memory effects in Atmospheric Pressure Townsend Discharges in N2 and air 10
P4.27 Antoine BELINGER N. Naudé, N. Gherardi Transition from diffuse to self organized filament in a high frequency DBD 10
P4.28 Tony SCHONHERR M. Stein K. Komurasaki, G. Herdrich On the discharge processes in pulsed plasma thruster 10
P4.29 Andrey STARIKOVSKIY Pulsed Picosecond and Nanosecond Discharge Development in Liquids with Various Dielectric Permittivity Constants 10
P4.30 Matthew BIENIEK P. G. C. Almeida, M. S. Benilov Modelling cathode spots in glow discharges in the cathode boundary layer geometry with COMSOL Multiphysics 10
P4.31 Matej KLAS L.Moravský, M. Janda and Š. Matej?ík Electrical and optical characterization of microdischarges from DC up to 13,56 MHz in H2, O2 and water vapor 10
P4.32 Nikolay DYATKO A. Meshchanov, A. Korshunov, Y. Ionikh, D. Sushentsev, M. Butris Influence of nitrogen admixture on characteristics of argon breakdown in a long discharge tube 10
P4.33 Mikhail LOMAEV D. Beloplotov, V. Tarasenko, D. Sorokin The initial phase of breakdown of high-voltage nanosecond discharge initiated with runaway electrons in a nonuniform electric field 10
P4.34 Anna CHVYREVA T. Christen, A. J. M. Pemen Streamer discharges along dielectric surfaces-experimental investigations 10
P4.35 Rasmus TALVISTE I. Jõgi, J. Raud and P. Paris Development of plasma pulses in He jet ignited with sinusoidal AC voltage in the kHz frequency range 10
P4.36 Florian SIGENEGER M. M. Becker, D. Loffhagen Study of plasma and precursor kinetics in an rf plasma jet at atmospheric pressure 10
P4.37 Hans HÖFT M. Kettlitz, T. Hoder, R. Brandenburg, K.-D. Weltmann About the importance of volume memory effects in pulsed dielectric barrier discharges in O2/N2 gas mixtures at atmospheric pressure 10
P4.38 Vasco GUERRA P. Viegas, L. L. Alves, F. Péchereau, A. Bourdon Kinetics of atmospheric-pressure discharges in helium mixtures with nitrogen and oxygen 10
P4.39 Luís ALVES P. Coche, V. Guerra, K. Gadonna, G.D. Stancu, O. Leroy, and T. Minea Numerical and experimental analysis of microwave micro-plasmas in air 10
P4.40 Lars STOLLENWERK R. Wild, J. Benduhn Temporally resolved surface charge measurements in a laterally patterned barrier discharge 10
P4.41 Ladislav MORAVSKÝ M. Klas and Š. Matej?ík Electric properties of an atmospheric pressure RF hydrogen microdischarge 10
P4.42 Ute EBERT C. Köhn, P.O. Kochkin, A.P.J. van Deursen High energy emissions from pulsed discharges and from lightning leaders 10
P4.43 Alina Silvia CHIPER G. Popa On the similarities between nitrogen impurities and trapped gas effects under the atmospheric pulsed barrier discharge in helium 10
P4.44 Iulia Elena VLAD E. Muntean, S.D. Anghel Interaction of an atmospheric pressure plasma micro jet with water based liquids 10
P4.45 Lucia POTOCNAKOVA J. Vorac, P. Synek, J. Hnilica and V. Kudrle Spatially resolved and phase synchronized optical diagnostics of power modulated plasma jet 10
P4.46 Mikhail LOMAEV D. Beloplotov, D. Sorokin, V. Tarasenko The radiative properties of plasma of pulse-periodic discharge initiated with runaway electrons 15
P4.47 Dmitry KALANOV Yu. Golubovskii, S. Gorchakov, D. Uhrlandt Spectral line emission from the viewpoint of nonlocal electron kinetics 15
P4.48 Lyes BENTERROUCHE S. Sahli, N. Kacem Chaouch, M. T. Benabbas, S. Benhassine, M. Kara Ali Surface Sterilization of Medical Low Density Poly(ethylene) Films by Dielectric Barrier Discharges 16
P4.49 Mohamed Tahar BENABBAS S. Sahli, S. Mouissat, N. Kacem Chaouche, L. Benterrouche, M. Kara Ali Interaction between an argon-based non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma jet and Escherichia coli 16
P4.50 Indrek JOGI K. Erme, M. Laan Oxidation of NO by ozone in the presence of TiO2 catalyst 16
P4.51 Jörg SCHAUP M. Szulc, S. Schein, H. Karl, N. Truong, S. Zimmermann, J. Schein P Investigations of an atmospheric plasma jet for different surface treatments/activations -First results 16
P4.52 Monica MAGUREANU D. Dobrin, C. Bradu, B.M. Mandache, V.I. Parvulescu Degradation of organic compounds in water by corona discharge combined with ozonation 16
P4.53 Bogdana MITU V. Satulu, V. Dinca, M. Bacalum, C. Mustaciosu, G. Dinescu Cells behavior on argon plasma treated pNIPAAm thin films 16
P4.54 Lutz HUWEL C. Baumgart, A. Young, T.J. Morgan, and W.G. Graham Systematic characterization of pulsed laser breakdown in water 16
P4.55 Tomasz CZAPKA A. Grygorcewicz, M. Palewicz, F. Granek Decolorization of methylene blue in aqueous medium using dielectric barrier discharge plasma reactor 16
P4.56 Cristina MUJA J. Lo, Ch. Laurent, L. Therese, B. Caillier, Ph. Guillot Investigation of bacterial spore inactivation using a 2.45 GHz coaxial plasma source 16
P4.57 Zdenko MACHALA M. Janda, K. Hensel, V. Martišovitš NOx generation by atmospheric air transient spark for biomedical applications 16
P4.58 Roxana JIJIE T. Teslaru, M. Dobromir, V. Pohoata, I. Topala, A. Barras, R. Boukherroub, N. Dumitrascu Influence of carrier gas on the behavior of plasma polymerized polystyrene films in aqueous media 16
P4.59 Mohammed YOUSFI A.M. Jemmat, C. Dunand, J.P. Sarrette, G. Wattieaux, N. Merbahi, F. Judée Effects of three low temperature plasmas on early events of Arabidopsis thaliana germination 16
P4.60 Mohammed YOUSFI A. Zerrouki, A. Rhallabi, H. Motomura, M. Jinno Monte Carlo simulation of cell membrane permeabilization by cold plasma 16
P4.61 Kenji TERANISHI K. Yoshioka, A. Sohda, K. Murata, N. Shimomura, H. Itoh Decolorization of Indigo Carmine Solution by Dielectric Barrier Discharge 16
P4.62 Vladyslava FANTOVA J. Jira, V. Kriha Dependence of bacteria and yeast inactivation on charge transported to the contaminated surface 16
P4.63 Takamichi HIRATA C. Tsutsui, A. Mori, T. Kanai, Y. Kudo, T. Izawa, M. Iwashita Medical treatment using biomedical plasma techniques 16
P4.64 Andrey STARIKOVSKIY Plasma Assisted Combustion Mechanism for Hydrogen and Small Hydrocarbons 16
P4.65 Maria KATSAFADOU L. Asimakoulas, P. Svarnas, K. Pachis, N. Kostazos, K. Gazeli, E. Mitronikas, S. G. Antimisiaris Hand-sized dielectric barrier discharge reactor of floating potential electrode for cell model studies 16