IQ-PARC: Iasi Quiz on Plasma Advanced Reseach Center

IQ-PARC: 20 March 2015 Partial  Solar Eclipse

IQ-PI-QUIZ 3.14159

IQ-QUIZ 6 March 2015

IQ-QUIZ 20 February 2015

IQ-QUIZ 14 February 2015

IQ-Quiz 2-8 February 2015


Q: What is IQ-PARC?

A: In this section we will try to achieve a week as a rapid test for all of our fans.

Q: What kind of questions?
A: Questions about science, physics, plasma physics and related technologies.

Q: What we expect from you?
A: We expect you to feel funny and fulfilled of new knowledge.

Q: What you expect from us?
A: We don’t know yet but comments are open on our Social pages on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

May the Power of Curiosity be with you!