Publication of contributions

All the accepted abstracts (invited lectures, oral talks and poster presentations) will be published in Conference Abstract Book and will be distributed to the participants at the beginning of the conference.

The accepted papers will be published in a Romanian Journal of Physics (RJP) - special issue for the CPPA 2010. The papers must be written in English and comply with the following requirements:

Type of presentation Number of pages (as in the journal template)
Invited Lectures up to 6 pages
Oral Talks and Poster Presentations up to 4 pages

The full manuscript should be typewritten in MS Word 2000 format. A MS Word template for the preparation of full paper can be downloaded from the Romanian Journal of Physics web page, Instructions&Contact section.

Only the papers presented during the conference will be accepted for publication in RJP.

Please submit the full manuscript, in electronic format, at the registration desk. The full manuscripts due date is July 1, 2010.

Poster should have a maximum size of 75 cm wide on 120 cm height.

List of accepted papers

Invited Lectures

No. AuthorsTopic Title
1 M. Echim 1 Complexity, intermittency and turbulence: lessons learned from the space plasma "laboratory"
2 T. Minea, L. Caillault, C. Costin, O. Msieh, C. Vitelaru 2 Magnetrons: from plasma modelling to nanostructured thin films
3 M. Dudeck 2 Plasma propulsion for geostationary satellites and interplanetary spacecrafts
4 E. Stamate 3 Properties and diagnostics of highly electronegative plasmas
5 D.C. Schram 4 Is the plasma state important in plasma processing?
6 J.I.B. Wilson 5 Plasma enhanced CVD of materials for energy convertors: nano-silicon for solar cells and nano-diamond for fusion reactors
7 A Granier 5 Synthesis of carbon nanochannels, carbon/metal nanocomposite films and nanofibers by a versatile IPVD process
8 P. Maguire 5 Low-temperature Microplasmas: Diagnostic Measurements and Applications in Biomedical Devices and Biosensors
9 F. Rossi, P. Colpo 5 Application of plasma technologies to biological interface design
10 M. Nagatsu, I. Motrescu, Y. Zhao, T. E. Saraswati and A. Ogino 5 Low-temperature Plasma Processing for Medical Application
11 J. Rapp, G. De Temmerman, J. Linke, M. Mayer, G.J. van Rooij, J. Westerhout,G.M. Wright, P.A. Zeijlmans van Emmichoven, A.W. Kleyn 6 Plasma-Facing Materials Research for Fusion Reactors at FOM Rijnhuizen
12 R. Schrittwieser, F. Mehlmann, C. Ionita, V. Naulin, J.J. Rasmussen, H.W. Müller, N. Vianello, Ch. Maszl, V. Rohde, M. Zuin, R. Cavazzana, M. Maraschek, ASDEX Upgrade Team 6 Transport phenomena in the SOL at the outer midplane of ASDEX Upgrade
13 M. Vlad 6 Nonlinear evolution of drift turbulence: inverse cascade, zonal flows, intermittency

Oral Talks

No. Authors Topic Title
1 R. Marchand 1 Modelling electrostatic sheath effects on satellite sensors and instruments
2 V.Frolov, D.Ivanov, S.Zverev, I.Matveev 2 Experimental investigations of the hybrid plasma torch with reverse vortex stabilization
3 D.Pavelescu, S.Nitu, G.Pavelescu, P.Anghelita 2 Moving arc modelation in the case of vacuum interrupter
4 C. Ribeiro 3 Finite Plasma Sheath Corrections applied for Density and Fluctuation Driven Particle Flux inferred by Langmuir Triple Probes
5 V. Tiron, V. Pohoata and G. Popa 3 Electrical diagnostic of Thermioic Vacuum Arc plasma
6 C. Vitelaru, T. Minea, L. de Poucques, M. Ganciu, G. Popa 3 Time resolved tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy on Al and ArM atoms in High Power Pulsed Magnetron Sputtering
7 C. Ursu, O. G. Pompilian, S. Gurlui, C. Focsa and M. Dudeck 3 Optical characterization of Al2O3 laser produced plasma
8 L. Stanchits, Yu. Stankevich, K. Stepanov, E. Ershov-Pavlov, K. Katsalap 3 Dynamics and Radiation of Laser Ablation Plasma under Action on Metals
9 S.D. Stoica, S. Vizireanu, B. Mitu, M. Bazavan, T. Acsente, G. Dinescu 3 Characterization of a Radiofrequency Plasma Beam Used for Deposition of Carbon Nanomaterials
10 C .Ruset, E. Grigore, I .Munteanu, N. Budica, H. Maier, R. Neu, G. Matthews 4 Tungsten coatings for fusion applications
11 L.Balika, C.Focsa, C.Ursu, S.Gurlui, S.Pellerin, N.Pellerin, V.Freyssengeas, M.Dudeck 4 Laser-BNSiO2 ceramic interactions in working Hall Effect Thruster: experiment and simulation
12 M. Nistor, F. Gherendi and N.B. Mandache 5 Pulsed electron beam deposition of thin films
13 I. Topala, C. Grigoras, N. Dumitrascu, M. Badescu 5 Stimulation of epithelial regeneration by atmospheric pressure plasma treatment
14 A.Vladescu, M.Balaceanu, C.E.A. Grigorescu, C.N.Zoita, M.Braic, A.Kiss, V.Braic 5 Deposition and characterisation of (TiAlCrNbY)CN films obtained by reactive magnetron sputtering
15 M. C. Petcu, A. Sarkar, G. J. A. Mannie, M. Creatore, H.T. Hintzen, A. Meijerink, M. C. M. van de Sanden 5 Photoluminescence of europium- doped silicon nitride layers as suitable candidates for solar cell applications
16 C. P. Lungu, C. Porosnicu, A. Anghel, I. Jepu, A. M. Lungu, P. Chiru, I. Mustata, V. Zaroschi, S. Arcadie 5 Hard antireflexive diamond like carbon coatings prepared by TVA method
17 M. Mueller, A. Burger-Kentischer , I. Trick, C. Oehr 5 Sterilization of thermo labile materials by low pressure plasma discharge
18 V.Azharonok, I.Filatova, Iu.Bosneaga, M.Bologa, O.Shedikova 5 Non-thermal plasma sterilization in RF and microwave discharges: a comparative study
19 M. Negrea, I. Petrisor, H. Isliker, A. Vogiannou, L. Vlahos, D. Constantinescu 6 On the diffusion of impurities in tokamak plasma
20 C. M. Ticos, I. Jepu, C. P. Lungu, P. Chiru, V. Zaroschi, A. M. Lungu 6 Dust Particles Interaction with Plasma Jet
21 C.V.Atanasiu, A.Moraru, L.E.Zakharov 6 Influence of a Nonuniform Resistive Wall on the External Kink Modes in a TOKAMAK
22 C. Dobrea, I. Tiseanu, T. Craciunescu, E. Grigore 6 Non destructive analysis of large area metallic coatings of fusion materials
23 D. Tskhakaya 6 New results of kinetic modelling of the plasma edge


No. Authors Topic Title
1 L.M. Ivan, D.G. Dimitriu 1 Scenarios of transition to chaos in plasma related to the non-concentric multiple double layers formations
2 K. Walia, A. Singh 1 Relativistic self-focusing of elliptical laser beam in plasma and its effect on plasma wave and second harmonic generation
3 K. Walia, A. Singh 1 Enhanced Brillouin Scattering of Elliptical laser beam in a Collisionless Plasma
4 G. Voitcu, M. Echim 1 Test-kinetic simulation of non-gyrotropic velocity distribution functions for particles injected into a sheared electromagnetic field distribution
5 D. G. Dimitriu, C. Stan, C. P. Cristescu 1 Recurrence Plot Analysis of Transient Phenomena in a Low-Temperature Discharge Plasma
6 C. Stan, C. P. Cristescu, D. G. Dimitriu 1 Multifractal Analysis of Intermittency in a Discharge Plasma
7 A Groza, A Surmeian, C Diplasu, P. Chapon, D.Vinteler, M Ganciu 1 Modelling of the processes involved in the temporal evolution of the Ar metastable atoms density in the afterglow of high voltage pulsed discharges
8 P. Chiru, A.M. Lungu, V. Zaroschi, C. P. Lungu, L. Tugulea 2 Gas Discharge Source for Photodynamic Effect Applications
9 V.E. Kuznetsov, A.A.Safronov, R.V. Ovchinnikov, K.A.Kuzmin, V.N.Shiryaev, O.B.Vasilieva 2 Development of Promising Electrode Materials for High Voltage Three-Phase Alternating Current Plasma Torches
10 S. D. Anghel, A. Simon, M.A. Papiu and O.E. Dinu 2 A very low temperature atmospheric-pressure plasma jet in a single electrode configuration
11 A.V.Loyan, N.N.Koshelev, T.A.Maksymenko, A.Leufroy, S.Pellerin, T.Gibert, N.Pellerin, D.Pagnon, L.Balika, M.Dudeck 2 Study of the SPT-20M low power ukrainian Hall Effect Thruster
12 M. Lino da Silva, M. Pinheiro, A. Martins, M.Dudeck 2 Biefeld-Brown Effect as a Function of Ambient Pressure
13 R. Vladoiu, M. Contulov, A. Mandes and G. Musa 2 Optical Investigation of the Multiple Monochromatization (M-effect) Signal in Mixed Noble Gases with Hydrogen Discharge
14 R. Vladoiu, V. Dinca, A. Mandes and V. Ciupina 2 Surface Activation of Synthetic Polymer Materials by Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Generated in Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) in Air and Helium
15 C.D. Tudoran 2 High frequency portable plasma generator unit for surface treatment experiments
16 E. R. Ionita, M. Teodorescu, T. Acsente, M. Bazavan, G. Dinescu 2 Discharge characteristics of a cold atmospheric pressure RF micro-plasma jet
17 V. Braic, D.Pavelescu, M.Braic, A.Kiss, C.N.Zoita, G.Pavelescu 3 Assessment of the residual dusty plasma particles in a vacuum arc
18 D.Pagon, L.Balika, S.Pellerin 3 Simultaneous study of the HET thruster chamber ceramic erosion by QCM and OES: First results
19 A.Mendys, K.Dzierzega, B.Pokrzywka,S.Pellerin, G.Travaille, B.Bousquet, L.Canioni and L.Balika 3 Diagnostics of laser induced plasmas in air and argon using Thomson Scattering
20 B. Hnatiuc, S. Pellerin, E. Hnatiuc, D. Astanei, N. Cerqueira 3 Spectroscopic diagnostic of a transient plasma produced by a spark plug
21 T. Acsente, M. Bazavan, M. Teodorescu, G. Dinescu 3 Extended Cavity Laser Diode for Argon Plasma Absorption Spectroscopy at 852nm
22 D. Vacher, M. Dudeck, S. Menecier, JL. Briançon, L. de Poucques, R. Hugon, L. Legros, M. Lino da Silva, G. Faure, D. Rochette, T. Latchimy, C. Achard, P. André 3 Diagnostics of an ICP torch by OES and laser interferometry for the study of atmospheric re-entries (Mars, Titan)
23 A.S. Chiper, C. Vitelaru, I. Mihaila, G.B. Rusu, G. Popa 3 A comparative study of a He and an Ar DBD plasmas suitable for use in thermosensitive materials processing
24 I. Mihaila, I.A. Rusu, S. Dobrea, G. Popa 3 Electrical and optical diagnosis of argon microwave plasma
25 M. Teodorescu, E.R. Ionita, C. Stancu, T. Acsente, M. Bazavan, G. Dinescu 3 Investigation of expanding plasma jets generated by dielectric barrier discharges at atmospheric pressure
26 B. Mitu, V. Satulu, Y. Gonzalvo, S.D. Stoica, G. Dinescu 3 Plasma diagnostic during polymerization of thiophene vapors
27 A Surmeian, C Diplasu, A Groza, P Chapon, A Tempez, M Ganciu 3 Ionization and excitation processes in analytical plasma of GDOES and GDMS systems working in Pulsed RF regime
28 M.D. Ionita, E.C. Stancu, A. Chis, M. Teodorescu, T. Acsente, G. Dinescu 4 Remote surface modification of polymeric foils by dielectric barrier and bare electrode atmospheric pressure radiofrequency discharges
29 H.M. Abourayana, N.A. Zreiba, A.M. Elamin 4 Synthesis and Characterization of Plasma Polymerized Thin Films Deposited From Benzene and Hexamethyldisiloxane Using PECVD Method
30 G. Dascalu, C. Ursu, C. Focsa, O. Caltun, G. Popa 4 Magnetic properties of cobalt ferrite thin films deposited by PLD
31 V. Satulu, B. Mitu, V. Ion, G. Aldica, C. Logofatu, G. Dinescu 4 Comparative study of plasma polymerized thiophene thin films in direct discharge and postdischarge configurations
32 M. Asandulesa, I. Topala, V. Pohoata, M. Dobromir, N. Dumitrascu 4 Styrene polymerization reaction induced by atmospheric non-thermal plasma
33 I. Jepu, C. Porosnicu, I. Mustata, C. P. Lungu, V. Kuncser, M. Osiac, G. Iacobescu, V. Ionescu 4 Granular Ferromagnetic Thin Films Obtained by Thermionic Vacuum Arc (TVA) Method
34 A. Granier, K. Makaoui, T. Begou, M. Carette, A. Goullet, M.P. Besland 4 Influence of ion energy on the structural and optical properties of TiOx thin films deposited in an inductively coupled O2/TTIP plasma
35 V. Tiron, A. V. Nastuta, V. Pohoata L. Sirghi and G. Popa 4 Characterisation of ZnO and ZnO:Al films deposited by reactive pulsed magnetron discharge
36 M. Stancu, Gr. Ruxanda, S. Vizireanu, G. Dinescu, D. Ciuparu 4 The model of the formation of the carbonaceous deposit on the larger diameter electrode during the process of the AC arc discharge
37 M. Baican, E. Paslaru, C. Vasile 4 Albumin Immobilization on the Polyvinylidene Fluoride Surface
38 L.Balika, S.Pellerin, N.Pellerin, D.Pagnon 4 Ageing of ceramics in a Hall Effect Plasma thruster
39 A.Groza, A.Surmeian, C.Diplasu, P.Chapon, M.Ganciu 4 On the polydimetylsiloxane polymer-substrate interface processes obtained during its polymerization process in negative and positive corona discharges
40 R. Vladoiu, M. Contulov, V. Ciupina, M. Prodan and G. Musa 4 Deposition of Nanostructures Hydrogenated Carbon Thin Films by Decomposition of Methane using G-TVA Method
41 S. Vizireanu, S. D. Stoica, E.C. Stancu, B.Mitu, C. R. Luculescu, G. Dinescu 4 Plasma post-synthesis treatment of carbon nanowalls
42 C. P. Lungu, I. Jepu, C. Porosnicu, A. Anghel, A. M. Lungu, P. Chiru, C. Ticos, V. Zaroschi, V. Soare and M. Burada 4 CIS Solar Cell Electrodes Deposition and Characterization
43 B.Puyrenier, F.Valensi, S.Pellerin, N.Pellerin, F.Briand, B.Hnatiuc 4 Comparison between direct and reverse polarity in GMAW
44 C. P. Lungu, I. Mustata, N. Georgescu, A. M.Lungu, P. Chiru, I. Jepu, C. Porosnicu, A. Anghel, T.Velea, D. Stanciu, V. Predica, M. Bratescu, N. Saito, O. Takai 4 Plasma Processing of Solutions Containing Levigates
45 A.Vladescu, M.Balaceanu, I.Titorencu, A.Kiss, C.N.Zoita, V.Braic 5 Properties of biocompatible multicomponent thin films deposited by magnetron sputtering
46 D. Spridon, I. Topala, N. Dumitrascu 5 Protein immobilization onto biological devices surface
47 G. B. Rusu, I. Topala, M. Dobromir, V. Pohoata, N. Dumitrascu 5 Synthesis of PEG in plasma at atmospheric pressure
48 A. S. Chiper, W. Chen, O. Mejlholm, P. Dalgaard and E. Stamate 5 In situ bacterial inactivation of wrapped biological samples using atmospheric DBD plasma
49 L. Sirghi 5 Plasma cleaning of silicon surface of atomic force microscopy probes
50 I. Motrescu, A. Ogino, M. Nagatsu 5 Study of Low-Temperature Plasma Modification of Bio-molecules
51 A. Nastuta, C. Grigoras, I. Topala, G. Popa 5 Diagnosis of atmospheric pressure plasma source used for direct medical applications
52 E.C. Stancu, A.M. Stanciuc, M.D. Ionita, M. Teodorescu, L. Moldovan, G. Dinescu 5 Micropatterned polymeric surfaces preparation by atmospheric pressure plasma for interactions with cells
53 M. Nistor, J. Perriere, C. Hebert and W. Seiler 5 Nanocomposite indium tin oxide thin films grown by pulsed electron beam deposition method
54 N. Georgescu, C.P. Lungu, A.R. Lupu, L. Apostol, I. Rasit 5 Food and Cell Treatment with High Voltage Pulsed, Cold Atmospheric Plasma Jets
55 D. Piroi, M. Magureanu, N.B. Mandache, V.I. Parvulescu, V. David, A. Medvedovici 5 Degradation of a pharmaceutical compound in water using a dielectric barrier discharge
56 D. Piroi, M. Magureanu, N.B. Mandache, V.I. Parvulescu 5 Toluene oxidation in a dielectric barrier discharge combined with heterogeneous catalysis
57 A. Nastuta, A. Poiata, G. Popa, D.E. Creanga 5 Sterilization experiment focused on the bactericidal effect of low temperature plasma
58 V. Azharonok, I. Filatova, M. Kadyrov, V. Beljavsky, A. Shik, A. Antonuk 5 The Effect of Plasma Treatment of Seeds of Grains and Legumes on their Sowing Quality and Productivity
59 F. Spineanu, M. Vlad 6 Coherent flows in magnetized plasmas, in laser plasma and in planetary atmosphere
60 M.L. Solomon, V. Anita, C. Costin, I. Mihaila, L. Sirghi, G. Popa, M.J. van de Pol, G.J. van Rooj, J. Rapp 6 Current and floating potential distributions measured by a multiple-probe system at the end plate surface in Pilot-PSI
61 D. Constantinescu, M.C. Firpo, M. Negrea, I. Petrisor 6 Study of the magnetic reconnection during the sawtooth instability
62 C. Stancu, M. Teodorescu, E.R. Ionita, T. Acsente, G. Dinescu, C. Grisolia 6 Cleaning of carbon/metal composite layers by a plasma jet source at atmospheric pressure
63 A. Anghel, C. Porosnicu, C. Luculescu, C.P. Lungu 6 Preparation and Characterization of Mixed Be/W and Be/C and C/W Films
64 C. Porosnicu, A. Anghel, C. Luculescu, C.P. Lungu 6 Formation of Beryllium Carbide Using Thermionic Vacuum Arc Method
65 I. G. Miron 6 Error field influence on resistive wall modes stability in tokamak plasmas