Oral Presentation

O-01 C. Atanasiu Electromagnetic model for simulations plasma wall-touching kink and vertical modes in ITER tokamak
O-02 F. Spineanu Dynamic generation of shear of the velocity at the L to H transition
O-03 F. Iacob Electron-impact excitation and dissociative recombination of molecular cations in cold plasma: application to BeH+, H2+ and their isotopomers
O-04 C. Iorga Investigation of direct and resonance contributions to the electron-impact excitation of neon-like Mo32+ ion
O-05 D. Dumitru Efficient algorithms for 3D modeling of fusion technology relevant superconductor cables from X-ray tomography data
O-06 I. Topala On the Penning processes in atmospheric pressure plasma jet in helium with oxygen impurities
O-07 E. Colin Pulsed Solid-State Lasers for Plasma Diagnostics and Processing
O-08 G. Voitcu Non-Maxwellian velocity distributions within plasma jets interacting with increasing magnetic fields: particle-in-cell simulations
O-09 M. Vlad Hidden drifts, a source of heavy impurity pinch in tokamak plasmas
O-10 D. I. Palade Stochastic transport in strongly turbulent plasmas
O-11 I.C. Gerber Interstellar carbonaceous dust analogs obtained in plasma.  Morphology and chemical characterization
O-12 I. Pana Multilayered all-oxide plasma coatings for colored glazed solar thermal collectors
O-13 C. Negrea Study of TID propagation parameters using Dynasonde measurements from Wallops Island, VA
O-14 C.T. Mihai Cold atmospheric plasma as an associative agent for chemotherapy of breast cancer
O-15 A. Dascalu Surface dielectric barrier discharge micro-plasma in humid air at atmospheric pressure
O-16 C. Costin Magnum-PSI plasma parameters mapping by electrical probes